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About Us

Take care of your golden ears
with Sound Vaccine™. is the first web service solution for the professionals working in the music and audio engineering industry. The musicians and audio engineers can keenly manage their auditory capacity and hearing sensitivity through this self-administered hearing care platform. is dedicated to bringing its registered members the ultimate experience toward hearing perfection. is developed and serviced by Goldenear Company, Inc. in U.S.A.

How It Works

Enhance your hearing sensitivity by using a proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ Technology.

Step 1. Requirement

(1) Log in to
(2) Plug in headphones
(3) Adjust volume to 50%
(4) Select TSC Level 10-70

Step2. Calibration

(1) Click buttons 1 through 31 to calibrate
(2) Click the display number if you can’t detect signal
(3) Click R button and repeat the same
(4) Calibrate at lower TSC level If you can detect everything

Step3. Activation

(1) Click the flashing TSC button
(2) Let Sound Vaccine™ activate for 30 minutes
(3) Continue Sound Vaccine™ at least twice a day for 30 minutes each time
(4) Check your hearing sensitivity on My Page


Threshold Sound Conditioning™

Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) was officially adopted for the first time by Stanford University in 2012. TSC has shown a significant effect on hearing sensitivity improvement with clinically proved evidence.

Sound Vaccine™

A spiral template of a Sound Vaccine produces each of 31 sweep tones. Each of 7 layers of 10 dB step TSC level are calibrated in accordance with 0 dBHL reference values of ISO226:2003 as a function of frequency. 

RPR Effects by TSC

An RPR means the retardation, prevention, and restoration from any subtle damages in the hearing threshold micro structure. The experience of RPR effects is available to registered members only. 




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