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From the Sound Vaccine™, Keep your perfect hearing and manage golden ears in line with ISO226:2003 Equal Loudness Contour.

Sound Vaccine™ is a state-of-the-art technology clinically proved by Stanford University Medical Center in 2012 ~ 2015. As an innovative hearing care service, Sound Vaccine™ is based on the well known neurophysiological principle TSC (Threshold Sound Conditioning™) to actually restore human auditory system and frequency specific hearing up to 10 dB ~ 50 dB.

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〉 The Sound Vaccine™ Membership is the best partner leading your goal toward perfect hearing capability and highly precise audibility.

〉 You can find your inaudible frequency region in 250 Hz ~ 12,000 Hz showing a fine damage in your hearing sensitivity.

〉 You can restore your damaged hearing frequency region by experiencing Sound Vaccine™ at any time in your daily hearing life.

〉 You will experience our exclusive premium service for you to keep your supremely valuable hearing.

Y. L.,

As a musician, improving my delicate hearing was a daunting task for me.  However, I can confirm that I found the one that helps me. Sound Vaccine™ has helped a significant difference to my hearing. This Vaccine is carefully designed to improve and strength hearing sensitivities with clear instructions. It is so easy to use and I experienced distinct improvement in my hearing sensitivity. One of the most beneficial of this service is at anytime, I can instantly check my hearing improvement by changing dB. Awaking my hidden hearing is rewarding!  I am confident with Sound Vaccine™.

M. J.,
Bass guitarist

As a metal guitarist, hearing and hearing loss is always a big problem. However, after conditioning with Sound Vaccine™, when sound was visually expressed, it changed from black and white TV to 256 colors, and now it has changed from 1024 * 768 to HD! I have been able to listen to the sound of the whole band in a balanced and bright way beyond hearing loss. The frequency range that I could not hear with the hearing loss was clearly heard. I have experienced an improvement in pitch. Also, the sound pressure felt more delicate. I’ve been listening to music at a lower volume than I usually listen to music. And, I improved my performance and groove feeling. I am grateful for Sound Vaccine™ as a musician. Sound vaccine™ is a must item for musicians. I strongly recommend the Sound Vaccine™.

J. C.,
Pop musician

I had 16 sessions of sound conditioning. Although I am not sure how much my hearing got better in my daily life, but when I took the test today again to hear frequencies turned out to be 97 on my left ear and 88 on my right ear, resulting in average of 93. Only using it for about two weeks, I was able to improve my hearing from 78 to 97. I am very impressed and happy that I was able to use this program. If I continue to use this, I truly believe that my hearing can improve to be better as if I was in my 20s. The Sound Vaccine™ works for me and I will be willing to use this continuously to improve my hearing.

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